Reiki Training 2018

Become a Reiki Master

A Transformational Weekend – June 8-10

Are you a Spiritual Seeker? Or, do you feel that powerful call to become a healer? Either way, you’re in the right place.

Do you believe in your capacity to grow and heal. Do you see part of your purpose in this life as being to awaken to your true nature? What would happen if you were able to shift your perceptions, tuning into your deep Self, and doing the healing that frees you? That’s what this weekend is about!

Whether you see yourself as a Seeker or called to be a Healer…The experience and practice of Reiki helps you tap your own spiritual wisdom for healing yourself and others as well as contributing to the healing of the world. It helps you shift your mind-body and emotions, all of which are energy. This training creates the environment for a life-changing experience and invites you to live more in tune with your higher self. This training is appropriate for personal & spiritual growth and for those who are called to the healing profession.

If you are a Seeker, Reiki can be a powerful tool to enhance your insight and understanding on the spiritual path. Reiki can also help you heal the wounds of the past and loosen the grip of ego that keeps us from becoming free.

If you are called to be a Healer, Reiki is a beautiful and graceful healing method. It can become your sole approach or can be a strong foundational modality as you learn other approaches to healing.

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What you’ll learn:

The June 2018 retreat provides attunements for levels I & II as well as the Master Level. This weekend intensive will ground you in the healer’s principles and take you deeply into your own work. You will receive instruction about Reiki, but the bulk of the weekend will be experiential. You will be experiencing energy in yourself and with others. You’ll also be nurturing your intuition and practicing connecting with and being guided by it. You will gain insights into the personal healing you need and the tools you have for doing your work. You’ll also be practicing with other participants to get acquainted with other energies and other bodies.

The weekend will be a flow of instruction, discussion, journaling, Reiki practice, meditation and mindfulness practices, and energy exercises.

You’ll receive a carefully crafted manual and a certificate of completion including an outline of the lineage of which you become the leading edge. You’ll also receive instruction and guidance in conducting intuitive Reiki sessions. Upon the completion of the weekend you’ll be invited to join a follow up mentoring program to support your continued development and life-integration of the new you.

This weekend intensive is a safe container that will move you powerfully on a path of healing, growth, and transformation.

Register Here: Check out the registration page for the Early Bird registration bonuses.

When & Where:

Friday June 8th 5:00-8:00pm

Saturday June 9th 10:30 am to 6pm

Sunday June 10th 10:30am to 6pm

We’ll be meeting at the Chiropractic Lifestyle Center in Bremerton, Washington.

Register here: Reiki Master Transformational Weekend.

Early Bird Registration bonuses include:

1) A free book mailed directly to you.

2) $50 off a 60 minute Reiki session with me to be scheduled before July 1st.

3) $25 off for you and a friend if you register together.

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