Are you chronically disappointed? Dissatisfied with your job or relationship? Bored with your life? Feeling that you are not reaching your potential? Worried all the time about getting it all done or being good enough? Is fear holding you back from being your best self and having all you want in life? Are you feeling inadequate and self-critical? Are you wondering why am I alive? What is the purpose of my life? What does my life mean? Are you wanting a passionate and purpose-filled life?

Are you stressed by these questions? You are in good company. Many people struggle in these areas and all of us face them. The good news is, you are not “sick” and you do not need a “diagnosis”. The best news is, I can help you empower yourself to choose and create an exquisite life! You may be interested in regular Counseling sessions, incorporating Energy Psychology, or Intuitive Reiki sessions to address these issues.

Alternatively, you may be interested in Mentoring rather than counseling if you are wanting to focus on personal or spiritual development. See below for more information.


Counseling is primarily “talk therapy” where we’ll discuss the issues in your life and then explore new ways of perceiving and responding to those issues. I will introduce energetic techniques like an Energy Psychology process, Tapping (EFT), or Reiki as they seem appropriate for you and the issues you are exploring. I do not use energy techniques with every counseling client and not all clients are interested in those techniques.

We will look at what is happening in your present life and your habits of thought, emotional reactions, and behaviors. We’ll address the past as needed. Primarily, I believe that we need help letting go of attachments to the past which contribute to suffering in the present. We always have the power to choose new responses in the present but it requires a commitment to practicing awareness of your mind-body in the present moment. We’ll also work on learning to use your mind for good rather than to rehash unpleasant past events. The mind is a powerful healing ally if used to its potential. Thoughts literally affect how our genes are expressed.

Energy Psychology techniques are one of the unique skills I offer and they supercharge your process of change. Work out the issues and move on with your life!

Energy Psychology is also highly effective and considered an “evidence-based” treatment approach. It is a process that uses muscle testing (biofeedback) and activation of energy points on the body. The process helps you clearly identify an issue along with any conscious or unconscious beliefs that block you from completely resolving the problem. This is a targeted, effective method for creating balance in mind and body. You can read more about Energy Psychology at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology website. They have an excellent research library where you can read the latest research on energy psychology techniques.

60-minute Sessions

Counseling sessions can be billed to your insurance. If I am on your insurance panel, I will bill for you and you’ll be responsible only for your copay/deductible. If I am out-of your network, you will need to pay at the time of service and then bill your insurance for reimbursement. Most plans will reimburse you something for out-of-network providers.

Note about insurance: If you are wanting to use your insurance, I will need to provide them with a diagnosis. It is required for billing and they may require proof of medical necessity. You also need to know that a mental health diagnosis can impact your ability to be considered for certain jobs or to obtain a security clearance. Your insurance company has access to all of your records.

90-minute Sessions

These sessions typically are not covered by insurance and so I do not bill insurance for these sessions. You can pay at the time of service and bill your insurance for reimbursement if you would like 90-minute sessions.


Perhaps you have come to a point in your life where you have realized that you want more. Life is good but you have a sense that you can achieve so much more. Or, you may realize that you are ready to do some deeper spiritual work with yourself. These are areas that I am uniquely qualified to help you with and I love doing it. I suggest scheduling an initial session so we can explore what you need and what our work together might entail. We can tailor the time, cost, and process of development based on your particular situation.

Intuitive Reiki

I integrate contemporary psychology, intuitive skills, and several energetic healing modalities into my Reiki sessions. You will lay, fully clothed, on my massage table. I will place my hands on or above your body to move energy. I am skilled at feeling, moving, and activating energy in the body. My job is to activate your energy and facilitate your system’s natural ability to re-balance and heal. Everyone’s experience of energy work varies and the session is tailored to your needs. Most people feel the energy moving in the body. They also feel when emotions or mental/physical blocks are released. Many people have realizations or powerful insights from the session that help them change their lives. Reiki is helpful for many physical ailments like pain, injury, and healing from illness as well as emotional challenges like anxiety, life transitions, grief, confusion, or depression. Intuitive Reiki sessions help you understand the connections between what you experience emotionally, mentally, and physically.

First time Reiki sessions are 90 minutes. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes, however, you may request 90-minute follow-up sessions.


60 minute session (Counseling, Energy Psychology, Reiki, Mentoring) — $145.

90-minute sessions (Counseling, Energy Psychology, Reiki, Mentoring) — $200.


Click the “Book Now” button below. It will take you to my calendar where you can choose a time that works for you. If you have a problem finding a time, email me through the contact page and we’ll see if we can find a solution.

If you are a first-time client, I will connect with you via phone so we can get a sense of whether I am the best provider for your needs.

Note about scheduling: The system will ask you to hold your appointment with a credit card. You will not be charged until the time of service. If you are using insurance for a counseling session, you will be responsible for your copay/coinsurance or deductible at the time of service.

Congratulations on taking steps toward greater health & well-being.