Coaching Modules for Clarity, Purpose, & Path

I’m excited to offer five coaching modules that are developmental in nature. We’ll begin with carefully and deeply exploring what you most want for your life and work. We’ll identify the obvious and hidden blocks to achieving your goals. You’ll then learn skills using the most effective tools to dissolve what’s holding you back from well-being and success. Implementing success habits will propel you on the path. Success habits will fortify your skill and resilience for dealing with the inevitable challenges that pop up in life.

My developmental mentoring strategy is intended to help you create the tools and develop the skills for on-going wellness and success. Everything you need is within you. You just need help clarifying, freeing yourself, and tapping into your purpose, intuition, and success habits for continual self-reflection and fine-tuning.

** Call for a free consultation where we’ll do a Clarity exercise and identify some of your goals.

**These are all online sessions.

Clarity, Purpose, and Initiating the Path Modules

Module 1: Focus – Clarifying the Desire

We’ll schedule 4, 1-hr online sessions over 4 weeks that will be semi-structured. We’ll clearly identify your visions for your life, explore your unique developmental process. We’ll identify your primary blocks and possible some of your unconscious blocks. We’ll begin working to dissolve your primary block and you’ll learn skills to continue working on i

Module 2: Ignite – resolving blocks to your success

Four 1-hr online sessions scheduled over 4 weeks. We’ll address your specific blocks to achieving what you want by learning and practicing effective tools including: EFT; mindfulness; positive psychology techniques; connecting to your emotions, body, and intuition as your guidance system; and mental and energetic strategies for change.

Module 3: Practice – developing success magic habits “consistency is a value”

Four 1-hr online sessions scheduled over about 6 weeks. We’ll explore and practice the success habits used by the most successful entrepreneurs. You’ll use them and learn to make them yours! Included will be: Mindfulness, Visualizing, Affirmations, daily schedule and practices, tracking change, and coping with derailments.

Practicing the Path Modules

Module 4: Flow – Success

Four, 1-hr online sessions scheduled over 8 weeks. In these sessions, we’ll address how to get in flow with your routines, focusing through intentions, addressing inevitable growth challenges, resources and the constant tweaking of strategy.

Module 5: Success Partners

Monthly online group meetings for continued accountability, resources, and support