Reiki & Energy Psychology

I offer Intuitive Reiki sessions where I integrate contemporary psychology, intuitive skills, and several energetic healing modalities. I see it as another modality that fits under the Energy Psychology umbrella. I also incorporate distance sessions which means you can lay down at home and feel the benefits of moving your body’s energy. I am skilled at feeling, moving, and activating energy in the body. My job is to activate your energy and facilitate your system’s natural ability to re-balance and heal. Everyone’s experience of energy work varies and the session is tailored to your needs. Most people feel the energy moving in the body. They also feel when emotions or mental/physical blocks are released. Many people have realizations or powerful insights from the session that help them change their lives. Reiki is helpful for many physical ailments like pain, injury, and healing from illness as well as emotional challenges like anxiety, life transitions, grief, confusion, or depression. Intuitive Reiki sessions help you understand the connections between what you experience emotionally, mentally, and physically.

First time Reiki sessions are 90 minutes. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes, however, you may request 90-minute follow-up sessions.

Energy Psychology (EP) is highly effective and considered an “evidence-based” treatment approach. The techniques have undergone rigorous study for safety and efficacy. These studies included many randomized controlled trials which are the gold standard for credible research.  EP is recognized by the American Psychological Association as a field of study and practice for licensed psychologist. Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), an EP technique, has been recognized by the Veteran’s Administration health programs as an effective complementary treatment for veteran’s with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Energy Psychology includes many different modalities including Tapping or EFT, Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Reiki, TFT, and many other energy techniques.

One of the modalities I use is Tapping. It’s a process of activating specific acupressure points on the upper body. These are the same points where an acupuncturist would place needles. It has been used extensively since its development in the 1970’s. The beauty is in its simplicity and effectiveness. I also love that clients learn and use the techniques for themselves creating their own healing process.

Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP) is another EP modality I use. CEP uses muscle testing (biofeedback) and activation of energy points on the body. The process helps you clearly identify an issue along with any conscious or unconscious beliefs that block you from completely resolving the problem. This is a targeted, effective method for creating balance in mind and body.


You can read more about Energy Psychology…

at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology website. They provide an excellent research library where you can read the latest research on energy psychology techniques.

Energy Psychology techniques are one of the unique skills I offer and they supercharge your process of change.

Work out the blocks and move on with your life!



Energy sessions can be online or in-person. Request an appointment by messaging me from the Contact Page.

Congratulations on taking steps toward greater health & well-being.